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Second-guessing your wedding planning choices

In the pressure cooker couple of weeks before a wedding, I see so many girls start to second guess the decisions they have made for their wedding.

They start buying a second (or third) pair of shoes, different jewellery, adding in more decorations, more flowers, more elaborate bonbonniere, etc.

You can really blow out your budget in these last weeks.

These second guesses about your original choices are to be expected….this is the biggest, most intricate event you will ever have to organise in your life (unless you are a function co-ordinator at work!). And the pressure that weighs on a bride’s shoulders is massive…you certainly feel like you can’t just mess up this time, then do a better job next time (no one is planning for a next time are they?) and you know lot of people have travelled far to come to this event, so you want it to be perfect for them.

So, when you feel insecure about your choices, try to just sit still for a moment, before launching off on a shopping expedition, trust that the decision you made (when you were in a more stable state of mind) was the right one.

You certainly don’t want to get to the wedding day still having to decide which shoe you will wear, or which earing you will use.
You really don’t need alternatives,…just try to trust me…you will just be spending more money on things no-one will even notice.

Cheering in your corner,

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