Corston Couture's 2017 A/W Ready-to-Wear Bridal Collection

Introducing Corston Couture's A/W 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection.

As the first collection designed in the new Surry Hills design room, a room with loads of natural light streaming in through windown, high terrace ceilings and set well above the street, where the vibrant life below can be observed, and especially heard on a sunny day at lunch time.

These same windows also give a wonderful view of a very bright and intricate mural on one corner, and various brightly coloured terraces along the street reaching up and down the hill.

All of this light and buzzing vibrancy has given birth to a very eclectic collection, really resuting in a festival of colour, textures and shapes...still with the usual range of shapes to suit a wide range of body shapes, but really looking at personalizing a gown and making it really match the personality bride to be.