Getting Started

'Midnight in Paris' gownThere just seems an overwhelming number of decisions to make when planning a wedding...

Here are some suggestions to make the process easier.

The first decision is the date, and the venues for the service and the reception. This should then give you a good base for developing the "Vision" or "Picture" of your wedding, so you can imagine how you would like the day to look.

I highly recommend creating a "Wedding Folder". Plan to keep all quotes and receipts in this folder, as well as any inspirational photos you find of dresses, hair, makeup, decorations that you like the look of for your wedding. Pinterest is a wonderful site to help collect and file any number of inspirational photos for your wedding too.

Firstly, set a budget... add up the amount of money you and your fiancé are able/willing to spend on the wedding. Ask both sets of parents what they plan to contribute (and any other friend or relative that has offered money)

Secondly, set a date and preferably choose a venue for your service and reception.

Thirdly, choose a Bridal Gown.... I recommend this because, for you as the bride it is possibly the biggest decision (after deciding on a Groom!), you will be making for your wedding, and therefore will carry the greatest stress while ever that decision has been left unmade.

  1. Bridal Gowns, whether Couture or Off the Rack, generally require 6 to 9 months to order.
  2. So many decisions hinge on the the style of Gown you choose to wear yourself.
    ie. Your hair-style, jewelry, make-up, shoes and underwear.
    It will also impact the decisions you make for Bridesmaids dresses, (their hairstyles, Make-up and Jewelry and flowers), for the Groom's and his men's attire, for the decorations in the Church/Service area, as well as at the Reception Venue. The decision you may make on the invitations as well as the Wedding Cake. It could decide what kind of bridal Car you will need to travel in, and will also affect the dresses your Mother and you future Mother-in-law will choose to wear.

From here, there are lots of planning tools for keeping check of all the little bits and pieces you will need to get done. Many Bridal magazines and newsagents have "Wedding Planners", with a list of everything you will need to do. The website has a great planner too, they also have a budget calculator (and as a bonus offer a free wedding website for you to use to post updates and pictures or what's happening in your planning process!)

Just keep in mind that local invitations need to be posted 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding date (for an overseas wedding or overseas guests, the invitations will need to be sent earlier)

Remember that for those brides getting married in November or early December, they will be competing with not only other weddings, but also school formals for men's suit hire and car book early.